Blog, blog, blog…

When do you know the word “blog” has been in your mind too much in too little time?

  1. When you’re taking an online class about writing for the web and references to blogs and blogging are everywhere.
  2. When you try to work on this, your personal “blog” and you forgot everything you thought you knew about blogs and blogging, (which wasn’t much.)
  3. When you seriously question your ability to ever have an intellectually and visually inspiring blog that people will flock to, or at least want to read occasionally.
  4. When you’re sick to death of the subject, like right now, but a little voice says “just google blog and see what comes to the surface.”
  5. When you go to google anyway like a well-trained human of the 21st Century and see that there is even a jigsaw puzzle blog and jigsaw puzzles are your one way to zone out on-line.
  6. When you steal from a blogging site the simplistic meaning behind having a blog in the first place just so you can see the forest for the trees: A blog is your best bet for a voice among the online crowd. It’s a personal website, packed with features, as easy to use as your e-mail.

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